Lorraine, Gary, Ben and Eve Wolstenholme

“Are you going to the Lighthouse this Summer?” my friends ask of me as the holiday season begins. I work in a Library and immediately I think of Virginia Woolf’s well known title !! ‘To The Lighthouse’ is now a family declaration as we pack !!!
The Wolstenholme family have enjoyed six summers spent at the wonderful East Keeper’s Cottage at Point Lynas Lighthouse and we absolutely love it !
Peaceful timelessness, wide horizons, coastal wildlife, constant sounds of the sea, swathes of flowers and grasses, the cries of the numerous sea birds. Spacious living yet warm and comfy for any incoming squall. Incredible starry skies, meteor showers, ribbons of moonlight on the water, moving tide and time into another lovely day. All this is possible due to our very kind hosts Iona and Robin Beckmann. Wonderful people who make us feel so welcome that we instantly relax.
The most difficult thing about staying at Point Lynas Lighthouse is having to leave. We hope to keep returning for as long as possible. Thank you Iona and Robin.